Article7: Intelligence for Democrats

We build AI to protect public debate in our democracies.

Overload Making content has never been easier or cheaper. Understanding it, so we can hold power to account, has not. In the haystack of the political internet Quotebank finds the needles.

Sift You know your opponents have changed their tune, but how do you pin them down on it? Oppo is the opposition research dashboard your campaign needs.

Technology doesn't stand still. Generative AI has made it even easier to overwhelm our democratic processes with costless fake content. We're working at the cutting edge of AI research to develop explainable language models with applications from content moderation systems that give reasons for their decisions, to the removal of bias in decision-making and new solutions for high-quality content distribution.

Strategies We build teams of world-leading academics, activists, technologists and political strategists to strengthen the defence of democracy. We harness technology to deliver effects at internet scale. Visit Strategies to hire us.