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We work with journalists, pro-democracy politicians, democratic governments and civil society activists to fight back against anti-democratic populists at internet scale.

Article7 Intelligence is an AI powered news wire being developed for journalists, pro-democracy politicians, democratic governments and activists.

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Article7 News brings all you need to know about the rule of law in Europe together in one place. We produce a daily ‘Newshound’ round up of developments. Here is the latest:

29-07-2022 Newshound: While Hungarian and Polish Recovery and Resilience Facilities are stuck, Slovakia gets the first payment. Orbán’s culture wars divert, disturb and evade serious repercussions, writes Politico. The Hungarian prime minister is sparking global outrage with his latest broadside against immigration. RARE application deadline has been extended to 5 August. Apply to join the group and take action together for civic space and the rule of law in Europe. The Newshound is signing off for the month of August. See you in September!