Article7: Intelligence for Democrats

We build AI to protect public debate in our democracies.


Political content is a haystack. We find the needle.

Democracy is about holding men and women in power to account, and that means we need to know what exactly they have said and done. But as the volume of output has grown it takes longer and longer to find things out.

Chapter & Verse In politics and journalism you need to know exactly what people have said. General trends are no substitute for specific evidence. Nor is it enough to unearth a long article or speech in which the words are buried. We get you straight to the tweet, post or paragraph.

Semantic means you can find content by meaning, and not just by keyword. We use AI language models to comparei the meaning of your search query with our database of political statements.

Authentic Because we compare your search with our database of authentic political tweets, posts, official documents and statements, our search is immune from hallucinations.


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The technology behind quotebank was developed in part thanks to a grant from the European Commission under the Stars4Media programme.