This week was veto week. Six essential reads.

This week was veto week. Six essential reads.

Thoughtful reactions to the Hungarian and Polish veto are starting to come in. Here are some of the best.

Shona Murray interviews Irish Taoiseach (PM), who calls on Poland and Hungary to withdraw their veto.

Groenigen Professor John Morijn takes apart the Hungarian/Polish Joint Declaration, more comprehensively, and less sarcastically, than we did

Laurent Pech @ProfPech gets his hands on the full text of the Council Legal Service’s Opinion on the rule of law conditionality mechanism.

Democracy reporting international looks into the Polish Supreme Court’s attempts to challenge the primacy of EU law, and explains why what it’s done is different from the German Constitutional Court’s ruling on bond buying earlier this year.

Carnegie Europe has a range of reactions to the veto and what can be done about including from the irrepressible Martin Sandbu

And Charlemagne in this week’s Economist appeals to physics to make sense of the Rule of Law Fight (a coded message to Angela Merkel)


Digging up all you need to know about rule and law and democracy in Europe.

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