So we didn’t need the Rule of Law Mechanism after all?

So we didn’t need the Rule of Law Mechanism after all?

Back after the break to find that the Commission has discovered that it has the power to suspend payments to Poland and Hungary without using the Rule of Law mechanism down behind the sofa. Surprised? We’re not, because Edit Zgut explained how this could be done using the “common provisions regulation” in her op-ed on this site.

The new head of Hungary’s Constitutional Court is a Fidesz Loyalist, notes the Hungarian Helsinki Commission . Surprised? Still noNo.

More than 100 Polish judges are being investigated for applying EU law! What’s the Commission doing to defend them? asks Laurent Pech.

Over the pond, the House of Representatives respond to Donald Trump’s attempted self-coup with Impeachment No. 2. Churchill once said that America always does the right thing after trying everything else. I’m not holding my breath but maybe this’ll apply to Mitch McConnell too.


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