EU Rule of Law enforcement too slow

EU Rule of Law enforcement too slow

So how is the EU doing defending itself from authoritarian member states? Weak and slow is the verdict from Petra Bard and Laurent Pech. Bard looks into two cases – the anti-CEU law in Hungary, struck down by the Court of Justice but long after the university had been expelled to Vienna. And the applicability of European Arrest Warrants to Poland. She says the advocate General has let himself be outmanoeuvred by the Polish government’s corruption of the legal system. This isn’t the court’s fault though. It needs support from the Commission and member states: it can’t be expected to do all the hard work on its own.

Something for the Commission and Council to think about as Poland again threatens to veto the EU budget. This time but says it’s because he then won’t be able to get his budget through. Now that the abortion protests have hit governing PiS so hard, the last thing they want is an election. Oops!

Abortion protests are in response to a wholesale attack on women’s rights by hard-right governments writes Eva Balogh at Hungarian Spectrum. Former Polish Constitutional Court Judge Ewa Letowska accuses her successors of deliberately misreading the constitution to impose “religious fundamentalism” on Poland. That, like so many other great things, is at Verfassungsblog.

Before we go: it was obvious form looking at the content that Hungarian state owned TV had become a government mouthpiece. What we didn’t expect was for them to have said it so explicitly. RFE/RL’s new Hungarian service has the recording: broadcast “mostly about migrants or Brussels” or be fired. (Hungarian State TV gets €300m support from the Government. says corruption watchdog k-monitor) Time to ask the Commission – how is that state aid case going?

(Disclosure: Article 7 founder Garvan Walshe has advised RFE/RL through his work with the LSE’s ARENA Centre, but has not had any contact with the RFE/RL’s Hungarian language service)


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