Newshound for 08 July 2022



Jakub Jaraczewski has contributed to András Rostovanyi’s article published on Népszava. As he noted, the revealed exchange of emails between the Polish government and the Constitutional Tribunal confirms that the Tribunal is at the beck and call of the ruling party and government. Poland is trying to push hard a narrative that this is a Belarusian-Russian operation but no investigation by Polish intelligence followed the leaks. Read his thread.

Source: Jakub Jaraczewski


Justin Spike has summarised and analysed an article by Péter Magyari on On Thursday 07 July, Viktor Orbán’s chief of staff said that Hungary had accepted 4 of the European Commission’s demands that must be fulfilled for it to receive around € 6 billion in recovery funds and € 9.5 billion in loans. Hungary regurarly refuses to comply with EU demands on inter alia rule of law issues but now seems to have changed tack. It’s clear that EU funds are needed to avoid an economic crisis in Hungary and the EU Parliament and Commission’s firm insistence that states comply with rule of law requirements before receiving money seems to be bearing fruit. Here his analysis.

Source: Justin Spike