Lies and damn lies and conspiracy theories, but no veto on the EU budget

Lies and damn lies and conspiracy theories, but no veto on the EU budget

Writing to Commission president Ursula von der Leyen, Poland’s justice minister flat out lies about EU budget’s rule of law mechanism being used to inflict gay marriage on Poland. (via Rule of Law in Poland). Don’t give us ideas Mr Ziobro.

But what if you can’t just appoint the judges you feel like? Viktor Vadász and András György Kovács explain how in Hungary they’re more subtle: the case dockets are marked like a dodgy dealer’s cards, and great care is taken to ensure the “right” judges get the politically sensitive cases.

Over in Britain (still in Europe — they haven’t towed the island down to somewhere near Australia yet) the House of Lords throws out legislation that would have allowed the the UK executive enabling-act style powers to override parliament and the courts. Even famously authoritarian Tory ex-leader Michael Howard thought this went too far. Joelle Grogan’s animated Sticky Tricky law draws what’s been removed.

And we were right, Hungary’s decided the EU rule of law mechanism is indeed a devious scheme cooked up by none other than you know who (because I know you want nothing better than to read on CEU alumnus Zoltan Kovács’s fine work). And that veto, nope, we haven’t seen it either.

Now watch Tom Gerald Daly’s Democracy Talk debate about the abortion protests in Poland.


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