What’s going on with Polish Judge Igor Tuleya?

What’s going on with Polish Judge Igor Tuleya?

Polish Judge Igor Tuleya has had his salary cut and immunity from prosecution removed. We explain what’s going on.

Judge Tuleya has been an outspoken critic of the Polish Government’s attacks on the independence of the judiciary.

The body that has done this is known as the Disciplinary Chamber of The Supreme Court. What’s the problem there?

The European Court of Justice ruled that the body was not independent and therefore not allowed to issue rulings. Not only is it an illegal so-called “court” that has tried to punish Tuleya, its attempt to issue rulings punishing them is itself a violation of EU law.

So just after Poland vetoed the rule of law conditionality mechanism, it showed the world why the mechanism is needed. At the EU Observer Daniel Hegedus thinks about how the EU can get out of this crisis. and also reminds us that the budget veto is unpopular in Poland.

Another time to remind people that Rule of Law conditionality is supported by voters in every member state — including Hungary (72%) and Poland (also 72%). The will of the people

MEP Sophie in ‘t veld argues it’s time for the institution that represents the people of Europe flexed its muscles on their behalf.

In Politico Daniel Kelemen joins demands to call Orbán’s and Kaczynski’s bluff, and in case you missed it here’s Edit Zgut’s piece on this site

The Centre for European Reform have a webinar with Vera Jourova tomorrow. Well worth going to! Camino Mortera has an excellent thread setting out the issue, and find out more about the event here



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