Impunity week in Europe. Self-coup in America.

Impunity week in Europe. Self-coup in America.

Council of Europe isn’t the European Council. And is Poland Learning from Belarus?

That was a busy week and two themes sand out. The first is impunity. The Hungarian and Polish Governments are acting like they don’t care. Vetoing rule of law proposals, enacting emergency laws and persecuting judges. They feel confident they can thumb their nose at the EU’s legal order. We’ll come back to that one in more depth.

The second is change in America, where Donald Trump is attempting what is called in Spanish an autogolpe , or self-coup. He makes Colonel Tejero (the protagonist of the failed coup in Spain in 1981) look like a genius, but he’s still trying to get an election cancelled after he failed to rig it.

The government of Hungary comes in for criticism from the Council of Europe. If only the European Council were as tough.

Eva Balogh of the Hungarian Spectrum is Furioous “The Polish and Hungarian governments cannot take 440 million people hostage” she thunders.

In Verfassungsblog Gabor Halmai Gabar Mészáros and Kim Lane Scheppele analyse Orban’s latest emergency laws.

On the other side of the Tatras, Polish ministers sounding increasingly loopy. On a scale of 1 to 10, the appetite for funding a “3 seas initiative” recovery in Finland and Sweden, who would have to pay for it? (h/t Zosia Wanat)

Meanwhile Polish police attack peaceful women with batons. Learning from Belarus are we?

Now for something more hopeful

Listen – Hungary’s Direkt36 journalists (Blanka Zöldi and András Pethő) on what it’s like to hunt down corruption in a hybrid regime.

Read – Corina Rebegea at CEPA on the translatlantic fight for democracy with a new Biden Administration.


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