Anthony Blinken against the Populists

By Jon Sailer at Unsplash

Anthony Blinken against the Populists

Anthony Blinken, Biden’s nominee for Secretary of State has quite the Hungarian background. Half-Hungarian mother, Hungarian step-mom (Vera Blinken), and his dad was US Ambassador to Hungary. Alexander Faludy tells it at Unherd, and read Vera Blinken’s moving story. Oh and Blinken doesn’t like Brexit much either.

Right wing polish website Do Rzeczy Polish flirts with “Polexit.” Putin would be proud, Poles themselves are not convinced. Thread from Daniel Tilles.

European Parliament to debate Orban’s media imperialism in Slovenia and North Macedonia (via Katalin Halmai)

Verfassungsblog posts defiance from Igor Tuleya (read about him here)

I will continue to tell the truth and till the end, even in prison, to defend the rule of law in Europe. In Europe? Yes, because my home country Poland is still in the European Union. I perceive the destruction of the Polish justice system as a destruction of Europe as a community of values and legal rules.”

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