Rumours of appeasement in Berlin. Orban vs Orbán. Domestic Disinfo.

Rumours of appeasement in Berlin. Orban vs Orbán. Domestic Disinfo.

Orbán responds to the rule of law mechanism by fiddling the electoral system, and Poland by persecuting judges. What seems to be doing the rounds in Berlin? Trying to buy them off by dropping the Article 7 procedures. In this thread Daniel Hegedus compares Merkel to Chamberlain. We’ll have an op-ed from him later this week.

A court in Hungary referred the law banning legal gender recognition to its constitutional court. Is this another part of the peacock dance? (Via Zselycke Csaky)

200 European parliamentarians write in support of Polish women and abortion rights, which have been attacked by Poland’s illegally constituted “Supreme Court.” One woman who polish Authorities are not supporting is a photojournalist violently arrested at a peaceful demonstration.

If traffic light indexes are your thing, the Lisbon Council has done an index of rule of law and anti-corruption measures across Europe.

British Tory MPs have been caught trying to intimidate judges.

The difference an accent makes. Romanian PM Orban berates Poland and Hungary’s PM Orbán writes Valerie Hopkins.

Peter Kreko @peterkreko at CEPA reminds us all that disinformation doesn’t just come from Russia, but is being produced at home.


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